The business provides services in such building related areas as:-

* Pre-purchase inspections:-

Where applicable our Pre-purchase Inspection covers (but is not restricted to) areas including Sub Floor, Roof Structure and Internal and External of the building. We provide an overview of the structural integrity, general condition and compliance with regulations of a building for a prospective purchaser. We pride ourselves on the thoroughness, accuracy and balance of our reports. We have no expectation that an older building will perform in the same way as a new building. Our preferred end result is that our client will proceed with the purchase better informed.

* Pest inspections:-

A specific report on pest infestation and damage (termite Lictus Borer etc) including treatment recommendations if applicable.

* Defect reports:-

These reports specifically highlight defective work, deviations from the Building Code of Australia and relevant standards, and/or from plans and specifications (new works).

* Owner builders' certification under the Home Building Act (Amended):-

These are required in order to gain Home Owners Warranty Insurance for works conducted on an owner builder basis where the building is to be sold within seven years of completion of works. Report recognised by all insurance companies.

* Progress and final inspection reports/payment authorisations:-

We will conduct inspections during the course of, and at completion of building works, and provide authorisation of progress and final payments.

* Dilapidation reports:-

As demanded by certain councils these photographic based reports are designed to outline the structural condition of a building at a given point in time - relevant where major structural works are to be conducted adjacent to the subject property.

* General building consultancy and advice:-

This report answers specific questions, for example: